Unique solutions for our customers

More Than Training

Many companies offer training. We look deeper into an organisation’s needs and work on an enablement programme.

We also offer an associate program for organisations to use and consultants to join. This will give you an agile way of resolving your resource needs.

This covers all areas of data and visualisation and can include technical courses on tools, wider analytics concepts or address the needs of end users and consumers of data visualisation.

We find our customers a unique solution that does not shoe horn a set approach but directly addresses their needs.

We run an Associates Consultants Programme, through which we can offer accredited resource to meet your demands. Our associates are agile and may simply be used for skills transfer, training or to provide specific skills when required by a more formal project.

If you need specialist resource in analytics, transformation or development please do not hesitate to contact us at resource@AlphasoftAnalytics.com.

If you are an analytics professional and believe you have the skill or expertise to offer to our customers please mail us at resource@AlphasoftAnalytics.com.

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